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Created by Evan Carothers

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Current and Upcoming EC3D Campaigns!
about 2 months ago – Fri, Mar 08, 2024 at 07:47:18 AM

Hi folks, Evan here! I wanted to share some news on current and upcoming EC3D campaigns you might be interested in.

Everyday Heroes

First, I just launched the prelaunch signup page for my next big supportless project, "Everyday Heroes"! It's the next volume of my ongoing "Everyday Folk" series that aims to bring beautiful, easy to print-n-paint, hassle free miniatures to your tabletop. This campaign focuses on heroes and extraordinary characters of all races, genders, and classes. It's slated to launch over on MMF FronTiers mid-April, and signing up now gets you a free mini today. There will be tons of freebies during the campaign too, so signup over at

Bolts and Brimstone

Live now, fully funded, and unlocking stretch goals is "Bolts and Brimstone" -- a campaign full of presupported minis and scenics, in a world where magic and technology collide! Perfect for fantasy, steampunk, victorian, and anything in between. Tons of freebies over there as well and it's in the last few weeks of the campaign so check it out here:

That's all for now, have a great weekend and thank you so much for supporting EC3D in the past (and hopefully the future!) -Evan

Bolts & Brimstone LIVE - the newest campaign from EC3D
3 months ago – Tue, Jan 23, 2024 at 07:46:50 AM

Hi folks! Evan from EC3D here, excited to share with you all the newest project from EC3D!
Bolts and Brimstone is a steampunk-inspired campaign featuring pre-supported high detailed miniatures and lots of scenics to go with them! These models can be used in victorian-style settings, traditional fantasy, and many other places. In Bolts & Brimstone, magic and technology collide!
We have a special discounted early-bird ALL IN package available as well.
As usual, there are freebies to snag right now, and LOTS of stretch goals planned.
Checkout the campaign right now over on MMF:

More Support-Free Beasts and Baddies? Perhaps Heroes?
7 months ago – Mon, Oct 09, 2023 at 11:15:24 AM

Hi folks! It's been a long time since this campaign, and I've done multiple more support-free mini focused projects since this one wrapped up (such as Everyday Folk).

I've gotten lots of feedback that people want MORE, including a possible follow-on to this project. If you print EC3D support-free minis in resin or FDM, and want more, I would LOVE your feedback to help shape what we create next!

This survey should take all of 30 seconds to complete, and your feedback would be invalulabe:

Also, shameless plug: if you play any zombie/wasteland games and want high-detailed minis/scenics/vehicles I have my second post-apoc campagin live at the moment over on MMF (click the image to check it out)

Everyday Folk - Part Two: Freebies for you to snag!
about 1 year ago – Mon, Mar 27, 2023 at 08:49:29 AM

Hi Beasts and Baddies supporters!

I've shared a few related updates with you, but the second part of my Everyday Folk project is currently funding on FronTiers, and is the direct follow on of this series of support-free minis. It features even more support-free minis of various races/types to help populate your world and make it feel rich and lived in. 

As part of that campaign, I've been releasing weekly free models to share/promote and wanted to share them with you as well. These are 100% free to download and you can snag them over on the Everday Folk - Part Two campaign page.  If you missed Part One you can get it as a bundle of Part 1 + Part 2 as well. Checkout the previews of the freebies here:

Live Now: Everyday Folk Part Two!
about 1 year ago – Tue, Feb 21, 2023 at 08:49:18 AM

Hello Beasts & Baddies Backer!

I just hit the launch button on part two of my "Everyday Folk" series, which is the follow-up to Beasts and Baddies. Models designed with the same intent -- to be quick and easy to print (support-free), quick to paint, and the easiest way to populate your diverse gaming table/world.

This campaign is the continuation of Part 1, and included tons of non-hero and non-monster minis and scenics including multi-racial children, tradesmen, commoners, and more. The stuff that's largely missing from the wider market! 

If you missed Part 1, there's also an option to get a discounted bundle of Part 1 & 2. Best of all, since it's on MyMiniFactory Frontiers you can get the core models immediately to start printing when you pledge! There's also discounted add-ons for lots of the EC3D back catalog, and tons of stretch goals planned.

As usual, there's multiple Freebies and bonus models included!

Check it out HERE, and populate your diverse world of Everyday Folk now!